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with integrated safety shut-off valve with a maximum inlet pressure up to 16 bar


Design and function

The spring-loaded gas pressure regulators RS 254 / RS 255 have the function of keeping the outlet pressure of a gaseous medium constant within allowable limit values, independently of the effect of interferences, such as changes in the inlet pressure and/or in the gas flow, in the connected regulating line on the outlet side. The gas pressure regulator is composed of the actuator housing and the “diaphragm assembly plus actuator” and “SRV controller/switching device plus actuator” functional units. For each nominal size, the actuator of the diaphragm assembly can be designed in different valve seat diameters. The diaphragm assembly is pre-pressure-compensated and can be equipped with noise reduction on request.       

The gas flows through the actuator housing in the direction of the arrow. The measurement line port is used to pass the outlet pressure to be regulated to the bottom of the diaphragm comparator of the diaphragmassembly. It compares the actual value with the command variable presetby the force of the setpoint spring. The setpoint required in each case is set via the setting screw. Any deviation from the setpoint is transmitted by the valve stem to the actuator, which is adjusted such that the actual value is adjusted to the setpoint. In case of zero flow, the actuator will close tight, causing the closing pressure to be established. In case of inadmissible overpressure or lack of gas in the regulating section, the actuator of the safety shut-off valve arranged in the same housing on the inlet side will shut off the gas flow. To this end, the outlet pressure to be monitored is passed to the SSV control device via a separate measurement line. As a function of the change in pressure, the diaphragm comparator in the controller is raised or lowered. When the outlet pressure in the regulating section exceeds or falls below a certain response pressure, the switch socket connected to the SSV diaphragm will move to the corresponding

disengaging position, the balls of the engaging mechanism will release the SSV valve stem, and the closing spring will press the SSV valve disc against the valve seat. The SSV actuator shuts off the gas flow gas-tight. The SSV can only be opened by hand and engaged in the open position. To do so, the outlet pressure at the measuring point must be lowered below the upper response pressure or raised above the lower response pressure by at least the re-engaging differential amount (Δp).


     Inlet pressure pu max. 16 bar

    Outlet pressure pd 18 - 3.000 mbar

    Ambient temperature -20 °C to +60 °C

    Mounting position any

     SAV p ds o 50 - 4.000 mbar

     SAV p ds u 10 - 1.000 mbar

     Housing Material aluminium

     Approval according to PED

     Gas specification Gas families 1, 2, 3 (DVGW - G 260) and non-aggressive gases. Other gases on request.